Caprock Honored as Best for Workers, Best for Customers, Best for the World: Changemakers

Caprock ranks within the top 10 percent of the top 2,100 Certified B Corporations for the seventh year in a row. This time the wealth management firm has scooped three coveted positions across three different categories. Caprock is being honored for creating the most positive impact for their workers, for their customers, and (given their work as Changemakers) for the world. The recognition is based on an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the nonprofit B Lab.

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The assessment measures a company’s impact on its workers, community, customers and the environment. To certify as B Corporations, companies like Caprock must complete the full assessment, have their answers verified by B Lab and re-certify every two years. The Best for the World: Changemakers list honors the improvement made by B Corporations from one certification to the next.

“Companies like Caprock are proving that business can be a force for good for all stakeholders,” says Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab. “We’re proud to share their achievement in a meaningful way. Best for the World is the only list of businesses making the greatest positive impact that uses comprehensive, comparable, third-party-validated data about a company’s social and environmental performance.”

A total of 846 Certified B Corporations were named 2017 Best for the World Honorees across a variety of categories, including: PatagoniaSeventh GenerationNational Co+op Grocers; and Business Development Bank of Canada. Forty-eight countries are represented, including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nicaragua and Turkey. The selection criteria for Best for the World honorees are available at

“Being a B Certified company impacts nearly every part of our business. While it can be grueling to maintain that certification, it is absolutely worth it culturally, philosophically, managerially and operationally,” says Matthew Weatherley-White, co-founder of Caprock. “We’re grateful for the unfailing sense of direction the process offers, and for the clear guidance on best practices in sustainable business management. Perhaps more importantly, we’re excited that every employee, client, and corporate practice with which we engage will feel the weight of that B-for-benefit designation.”

Today there are more than 2,100 Certified B Corporations across more than 130 industries and 50 countries, unified by one common goal: to redefine success in business. Any company can measure and manage social and environmental performance at

Best for Workers:

The Workers section of the B Impact Assessment assesses the company’s relationship with its workforce. It measures how the company treats its workers through compensation, benefits, training and ownership opportunities provided to workers. The category also focuses on the overall work environment within the company by assessing management/worker communication, job flexibility, corporate culture, and worker health and safety practices. Honorees scoring in the top 10 percent set a gold standard for the high impact that business as a force for good can make on employees around the world. Caprock made the list thanks to exceptional practices like a long-standing commitment to providing health care insurance coverage, education cost-sharing and a flexible, dynamic work environment.

The 148 Best for Workers companies come from 61 different industries and 21 countries.

Best for Customers:

The Customer portion of the B Impact Assessment measures the impact a company has on its customers by focusing on whether a company sells products or services that promote public benefit and if those products/services are targeted toward serving underserved populations. The section also measures whether a company’s product or service is designed to solve a social or environmental issue (improving health, preserving the environment, creating economic opportunity for individuals or communities, promoting the arts/sciences, or increasing the flow of capital to purpose-driven enterprises). Honorees scoring in the top 10 percent set a gold standard for the high impact that business as a force for good can make on consumers around the world. Caprock made the list thanks to its leadership in impact investing, in particular focusing on solutions to climate change and funding opportunity equality for historically marginalized communities.

The 174 Best for Customers companies come from 63 different industries and 29 countries.

Best for the World: Changemakers:

The full B Impact Assessment evaluates a company’s environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, involvement in the local community, the impact a company’s product or service has on those it serves, and more. Honorees making significant improvements in their B Impact score set a gold standard for the high impact that business as a force for good can make in the world. Caprock made the list thanks to a broad-based and relentless focus on incrementally improving most facets of their business, capturing additional B Survey points throughout the assessment.

The 175 companies on the Best for the World: Changemakers list come from 63 different industries and 17 countries.


About Caprock:

With offices in San Jose, Seattle, Newport Beach, Park City, and Boise, Caprock develops customized, comprehensive and strategic financial solutions for ultra-high net worth families who lack the time or expertise to do so on their own. Every decision is based on careful analysis that suffers no outside pressure and that has only one goal: to protect and grow each client’s wealth. Caprock’s team of investment professionals and proprietary technologies deliver transparent, comprehensive and understandable performance reporting to families who demand the highest level of service and results. For more information, visit

About B Lab:

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world and society will enjoy prosperity for all for the long term.

B Lab drives this systemic change by: 1) building a community of Certified B Corporations to make it easier for all of us to tell the difference between “good companies” and good marketing; 2) passing benefit corporation legislation to give business leaders the freedom to create value for society as well as shareholders; 3) helping businesses measure, compare and improve their social and environmental performance with the free B Impact Assessment; 4) driving capital to impact investments through use of its B Analytics and GIIRS Ratings platform.

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