Caprock Launches Impact Assessment Visualization Tool

Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe delves into iPAR (Impact Portfolio Allocation Review) with Caprock’s co-founder and managing director, Matthew Weatherley-White.

Thorpe explores the potential benefits and current hazards of the new impact-centric reporting framework. At times, he both challenges and welcomes the hope of the software’s inventors — that this new system will standardize the way SRI, and all investing, measures “impact.”

“Weatherley-White explains the problem he sees in the investment community. “In impact investing, there is no common language nor framework to communicate between entrepreneurs and asset managers and investors. As a result, confusion and skepticism (not to mention unnecessary resource consumption) undermine confident capital flows, hurting the entire impact investing ecosystem.”

The iPAR project began with Weatherley-White developing an algorithm for assigning an impact score to an investment. That was seven years ago. “We have spent seven years working on an intuitive, interactive impact assessment and reporting platform/framework : iPAR. iPAR is based on the robust IRIS catalogue and GIIRS ratings and is designed to incorporate impact data from any source. As such, it supports the consistent communication of impact up and down the impact financial chain, bringing transparency and, eventually, accountability to the impact investing eco-system.”