Exploring the Values-Aligned Capital Landscape



Demand for values aligned investing – namely investment vehicles reflecting specific environmental or social values – is experiencing unprecedented growth. Investors have moved past negatively screened ESG vehicles and are now demanding a deeper expression of their specific values across their portfolios. There is also a greater emphasis on values expression at the corporate level through shareholder activism, which is changing the landscape of proxy voting.

We are excited by this movement and think values aligned investing is still in its fledgling stage. We are already seeing an expansion of customized products and manager-directed solutions to meet investor demand, and the role of shareholder activism increasingly driving corporate policy change is undeniable. However, we still see some confusion, even among impact investors, about how values alignment can be achieved, and a lack of knowledge surrounding the power of shareholder activism.

What is driving this change? What are some of the different approaches and the benefits/drawbacks of each? And what is the potential for shareholder engagement in driving change? We assembled a team of four experts for a roundtable discussion to explore and debate these topics. We hope you find the 40 minute chat informative.

A quick note about the audio: We experienced some issues with the audio quality when we recorded this podcast, and parts of the recording have mildly distracting background noise. However, we think you will find that the robust discussion surmounts the audio concerns. Enjoy!

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Here are the participant’s bios:
Liz Michaels
Bill Page
Michael Passoff
Andy Behar