Given a Trump presidency, does it still make sense to invest in wind, solar and other alternative sources of power?

Excerpt taken from January 6th NYT article by Paul Sullivan:

The answer is an emphatic “yes,” according to investment advisers, who say clean energy companies will continue to thrive during a Trump administration, regardless of what the president says or does. The sector has become as much about getting returns on investments and catching the next technological boom as it is about reducing greenhouse gases and helping the environment.

And clean energy is creating jobs in every state, not just the ones that have oil or gas in the ground. Even the most politically conservative states, like Kansas and Iowa, are leaders in wind power and are likely to continue investing in it.

“No longer is there a trade-off between what you believe in and what you can make money off of,” said Nancy Pfund, a founder and managing partner of DBL Partners, which made early investments in SolarCity and Tesla.

Pfund is supported by a myriad of other investment professionals, including Caprock’s own Matthew Weatherley-White — who also made an appearance in the article. Discussing the long and short-term ROIs for different green energy options, Weatherley-White concludes, “it comes down to a question every investor should ask: ‘Where am I going to invest for a positive financial return and an environmental impact?'”

Written by Paul Sullivan and published by The New York Times.