Good Future Podcast: Can Capitalism Evolve Before it’s Too Late?

Matthew Weatherley-White is an impact investment advisor at The Caprock Group, but his personality and his passion for life stretch far beyond his day-job. He’s as interested in hiking in the mountains and in crafting a lifestyle, as he is to reshaping markets for the better.

He’s inquisitive and he’s a deep thinker, and most importantly he’s not afraid of telling it how it is.

On this episode…

We covered a lot of ground, we went far broader than just impact financing. We dug into the political stalemates that both the US and Australia are facing in trying to deal with climate change. Matthew spoke passionately about the potential for capitalism to be re-oriented towards environmental resiliency, and to move beyond its very narrow focus of profit-maximisation.

And he weighed into the debate on whether investors in public markets can influence the companies they buy, he didn’t hold back, but he did offer his advice on the levers that might just sway these big, listed companies to steer more towards sustainability and long-term thinking. And Matthew’s analysis of Larry Fink’s annual letters was a really useful insight into one perspective on how the world’s largest asset manager is trying to drive a focus on sustainability.

My key takeaway this week…

Matthew says that capitalism is an excellent “optimisation mechanism”, but currently it’s optimising for profitability. Instead, let’s recalibrate the system to optimise for environmental resiliency. It’s evolution baby!


Listen to Good Future with John Treadgold, episode 15