Your Guide To Impact Investing

Forbes contributor, Devin Thorpe writes an impact investing guide for the average man and woman. Pausing briefly to define how impact lenses are used on high net worth portfolios, Thorpe then fills 4 pages with advice from impact thought-leaders detailing how (even on a smaller scale) individuals can invest their money to benefit all.

One of Caprock’s co-founders, Matthew Weatherley-White, was one of those contributors. He notes that,

“Community Development Finance Institutions are a good option for conservative impact investing. These special entities are required to meet Federal standards to qualify as CDFIs. You can find a CDFI in your community by visiting the Opportunity Finance Network website, which features a tool for finding a CDFI in your community. While not all CDFI’s accept small deposits or investments, some operate as credit unions and provide robust banking options.”

This article was written by Devin Thorpe for Forbes.