How to Unleash Capital Market Power for Positive Impact

Caprock co-founder, Matthew Weatherley-White, talks behavioral studies, investment dissonance, and the future of impact with Amy Bennett, Director of Marketing at ImpactAssets.

Don’t miss the thought experiment at the start of this article. It is one that bears repeating and debating around the water cooler and dinner table alike.

“At some point, investors realize they’re trying to solve problems with one part of the portfolio that the rest of their portfolio is creating,” Weatherley-White notes. “What we’ve seen is that once investors start down the ESG path, they often continue in that direction, and move toward a complete allocation.”

While some investors are 100% impact investors from the start, performance drives others to increase their allocation. “Once they see returns generated in a responsible way, they ask themselves why they wouldn’t want to do more of it, and it becomes a really different conversation.”