Impact Investing: Five Trends Advisors Need to Know

Caprock cofounder, Matthew Weatherley-White, provides insights on the role of philanthropy as a ‘jump in’ point for impact investing.

Philanthropy and Impact Investing Are Becoming Intertwined

“It’s not an either/or question when it comes to impact investing. It’s yes/and,” says Matthew Weatherly-White, managing director of Caprock. “For many advisors, charitable dollars provide the ideal ‘jump-in’ point—a venue to test ideas and learn about impact with clients.”

“The link between innovation-oriented capital and the capital markets makes all the sense in the world,” he says. “This is the future of capitalism and advisors need to keep an eye on the power of philanthropy in a client portfolio.”

Weatherley-White’s contributions augment an already compelling article that blends encouragement, myth-busting and high-value guidance, courtesy of Amy Bennett at ImpactAssets.