Matthew Weatherley-White: The Philosopher King of Impact Investing

“The capacity for truly independent thought is first of all rare, and second of all lonely. And so to pursue that as an investor is critically important, yet really, really difficult.”

Matthew Weatherley-White, co-founder of Caprock, walks listeners through the application of mental models to their investment approach and drops some quotable lines in the process.

“From applying mental models to your investment approach, to evolution, tribalism and Adam Smith, to shareholder activism, opting out, and why true impact investors are still so rare – this episode is designed to make you think deeply about impact investing, and how the markets, and the people working in them, operate as a whole.” via Jamieson Webking, Host

Whether you’ve never heard about impact investing, or are an active champion for social and economic good already, this Q & A will provide a refreshing degree of context. Connect the historical dots, understand the governing psychology, and ask if/ why capitalism (as we know it) should embrace or recoil from the discipline.

The total interview spans 1 hour and 8 minutes. Expect origin stories, strange tangents, and challenging perspectives.

Listen to it on the Impact Investing Podcast website, or download it for free.

Podcast and accompanying article created by Jamieson Webking, Producer and Host of The Impact Investing Podcast