Name-checking the Headliners at the Economist’s Impact Investing Conference

ImpactAlpha CEO, David Bank, has published a playful list of speakers’ bios and wary predictions around the Economist’s first-ever Impact Investing conference, held this Wednesday (2/15) in New York.

Expect most speakers at Wednesday’s event to try to duck politics. When they can’t, they’ll try to build bridges by arguing that impact investing represents a free-market, not big-government, approach to social and environmental challenges. One signal to watch is whether a fiery few decide to confront the elephant in the room and declare their resistance on immigration, climate and other issues.

Bank categorized the speakers into three factions: “In the Belly of the Beast,” “Outside Agitators,” and “Billion-Dollar Babies.” Caprock’s managing director, Matthew Weatherley-White, was one of the headliners whose name was filed under the “Outside Agitator” honorific. Here’s his complete write up:

Matthew Weatherley-White. Based in Boise, Idaho as managing director at Caprock, a $3 billion multi-family office, Weatherley-White created a buzz last year for suggesting investment managers be required to opt out, not in, to ESG reporting“Rather than ask people to fight their behavioral and cognitive biases by asking them to opt in, let’s ask the financial markets to embrace implied consent,” Weatherley-White said at the SoCap conference in San Francisco. “If we made ESG the opt-out setting, the system would change fundamentally and irrevocably.”

See who else is slated to take the stage at the Economist’s conference, and whether or not you find yourself identifying with one “team” over another.

This content was written by David Bank for ImpactAlpha, with reporting contributions by Dennis Price.

ImpactAlpha is a media sponsor of the Economist conference.