Philanthropy and the Mainstreaming of Impact Investing

Liz Sessler, vice-president and co-founder of ImpactUs saw the launch of her “market place platform that connects impact investments with investors” mere weeks ago.

“Mission-oriented institutions are nervous at present and are looking for other ways in which to support their endeavors. That is driving new product development,” says Sessler in today’s contemplative Euromoney article about philanthropy, impact, and timing.

Caprock cofounder, Matthew Weatherley-White, makes an appearance as well, to express his excitement and congratulate ImpactUs on moving the entire impact investing dial closer to ‘mainstream’.

“One of the challenges of growing the impact investment industry is the asymmetry between perceived demand, actual demand, deal flow and capacity,” he says. Platforms like ImpactUs can help to address some of the imbalances…

Given the industry is still relatively small, a marketplace might seem premature. Weatherley-White however says that now could be a good time: “It feels too early for a marketplace to be able to quickly scale up and to be commercially successful, however we have certainly reached a place where they could be commercially viable.”

Content written by Helen Avery and published in Euromoney.