TEDx: Capitalism Is About To Save Us All

Matthew Weatherley-White has dedicated 25 years to the investment world. He has earned his citizenship in almost every financial discipline, on every side of the splintery border(s) between stereotypical Wall Street “wolves” and revisionist, profits-are-secondary-to-impact “hippies.” He has spent more than a decade predicting and promoting titanic institutional and economic shifts. In 2003, he co-founded a family office that stripped self-serving products from the menu and returned to the core of money management and planning: the clients’ best interest. That firm, Caprock, would challenge the metrics by which all financial advisors could be audited and, eventually, help change the way all businesses were evaluated.

In all that time, across all those fractious financier “party lines,” Weatherley-White has never abandoned or condemned capitalism. His TEDx presentation explains why.

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