The Impact Investor

Caprock co-founder and managing director, Matthew Weatherley-White, is the focus of a multi-page spread featured in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine this month.  The article describes Weatherley-White’s meandering journey to wealth management, introduces his key convictions, and wraps up with 5 investment tips for readers.  Expect fascinating facts surrounding Weatherley-White’s history competing (internationally) in 5 different sports, a Warren Buffet-esque story about the value of money, and an inside look at two polar-opposite investment firms.  Weatherley-White is shaking things up in the investment world and staking his reputation on a handful of predictions.

“I don’t know that I’m right,” says Weatherley-White. “I suspect that I am right. But more to the point, the question needs to be asked: Can capitalism do better? Can capitalism internalize these heretofore externalized environmental and social costs? If it can—and if we as a society decide that it should—then it will. It just will. If it can’t, then, well, we have a very different and difficult set of challenges. What I want is for people to just start asking that question.”

Get the whole scoop via Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (below).

Article written by Jim Collins, ’84. Former editor of DAM.