You Think You Are a Good Multitasker? Check Out These Folks

A correspondent for The Boston Globe, Isvari Mohan, interviewed three polymaths (people accomplished in or talented in multiple fields) “to get a better idea on how to be a good one.” At the top of her list is Matthew Weatherley-White, managing director at Caprock and founder of the i3impact platform. His list of achievements includes having raced internationally in biking, skiing, and running, [developing] sports and technology patents, adventuring, becoming a trained chef, becoming a musician, becoming a published poet, and running an investing company.

“Polymaths are not jacks of all trades. They are just masters of more than one — individuals who are intellectually curious, interested in different fields, and gain deep expertise in multiple areas. Think Leonard da Vinci. Modern polymaths include John Green (author of books including “The Fault in Our Stars,” video blogger, writer, producer, and editor); Oprah Winfrey (actor, producer, and talk-show host); and John Urschel (mathematician and NFL player).”


View Mahon’s ambitious checklist on how to learn everything. (2-minute read.)

This article was written by Isvari Mohan and published in The Boston Globe.