Weatherley-White Plenary Speaker at SOCAP 16

Matthew Weatherley-White poses an ‘unanswerable question’ during his plenary speech at the SOCAP16 convention this week (Sept 13-16).

Stepping on to the main stage in front of a packed house, Weatherley-White has one goal. To offer an easy, viable method of enabling ALL investors to open their portfolios to ESG investing. Right now.

His argument begins with a strange and provoking (real-life) tale about an asset manager who recently described a strategy (supported by conclusive data) that demonstrated superior performance when compared to a ‘control’ group of funds. When asked why he didn’t allocate more capital, or strongly encourage his clients to seek those better returns, a pervasive industry lockstep hijacked the man’s logic.

In the story, ESG mandated assets out performed their traditional investments. (An ever-increasing phenomenon). And while pleased, the asset manager was unable to give his full endorsement to the practice.

Confused? So was Weatherley-White.

Organ donors, altruistic populations, the Twilight Zone, and some mind-blowing statistics rattle around this compelling SOCAP16 narrative.