Doing Well As An Investor By Doing Good

Discover a few laundry lists of market analysis and follow along as Matthew Weatherley-White, one of the foremost impact investors in his field, dissects, isolates, and predicts an inevitable metamorphosis in the way capital will be (and is being) deployed and valued.

The evolution from “values” to “materiality” is an indication that the entire discipline of social and environmental investing is growing up. This maturation is reflected in the investment activity among some of the world’s wealthiest families and largest asset managers.

ESG factors have begun to be braided into core investment disciplines. Understanding, pricing, and mitigating risk. Identifying opportunity. Investing in businesses that offer products and services addressing consumer demand. These are foundational activities for any investor. That SRI/ESG factors are now integrated on the same level as enterprise valuation, free-cash-flow, and operating margins suggests that impact investing is likely to become more prevalent.

In other words, incorporating ESG factors has been proven to be good investing practice.

Excerpt via MarketWatch Feb 13th op-ed.

Written by Matthew Weatherley-White for MarketWatch